• Blastwave FX Zombie Apocalypse WAV

    Blastwave FX Zombie Apocalypse WAV

    The Zombie Apocalypse Sound Effects Library is a collection of 666 horrifying sounds that will help you survive the chaos and panic of designing the ultimate sound effects for the outbreak of your next apocalyptic project. Created at the Detroit Chop Shop and personally designed by Ric Viers (author of The Sound Effects Bible and the Location Sound Bible), these epic sound effects will give you the tools you need to create the perfect battle between the living and the undead.

    Arguably the most documented sound effects library ever produced, the Zombie Apocalypse Sound Effects Library is more than just “another” sound effects library. In fact, this is the first professional zombie sound effects library ever released! Bathe in the blood of the attacks, creepy ambiences, gut wrenching screams, weapons of all kinds and of course the snarls and growls of the walking dead. But the fun doesn’t end there! Included in the library is a small arsenal of cinematic production elements and drones to shake the fear into your audience.

    Arm yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse!


    666 HD Sound Effects
    MP3 Reference Files
    Searchable Metadata
    2 DVDs or Download

    <<Download Links>>
    Zombie.part01.rar – 655.0 MB
    Zombie.part02.rar – 655.0 MB
    Zombie.part03.rar – 655.0 MB
    Zombie.part04.rar – 655.0 MB
    Zombie.part05.rar – 652.8 MB

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