• Impact Soundworks Shreddage 2 KONTAKT

    Impact Soundworks Shreddage 2 KONTAKT

    Welcome to Shreddage II: Absolute Electric Guitar. This virtual instrument was designed to be a true successor to our original Shreddage electric rhythm guitar library used by thousands of composers and producers all over the world. With that release, our goal was to create an easy-to-use set of DI rock & metal guitar sounds, pushing the envelope of realism and establishing a new standard for electric guitar samples. We were content to focus strictly on rhythm playing, with the idea that perhaps other virtual instruments would service for lead playing.

    However, as useful as the original Shreddage was, our users overwhelmingly desired a true sequel: an instrument that would take the incredible realism of Shreddage and apply it to a comprehensive library capable of lead playing as well. Other libraries have attempted this challenge, but through our own experiences and the words of our users, we discovered common problems: bloated memory and CPU usage, limited range, incomprehensible mapping and keyswitches, overly complex scripting, and a lack of attention to detail & realism.

    Shreddage II is our answer to the challenge of total guitar sampling. It is a complete instrument with elegant scripting, intuitive mapping, and incredible depth. And while it excels at rock & metal playing (both lead and rhythm alike), it is also well-suited for many other genres thanks to its clean tone and huge range. We couldn’t be prouder of this release, and hope that it will bring you inspiration, joy, productivity, and of course, brutal guitar sounds!


    Drop G tuning
    All frets on all strings
    Up to 5x palm mute layers
    Up to 8x RR
    Single notes and powerchords
    Three vibrato types
    Multiple picking modes
    Pinch harmonics
    Hammer-on / pull-off playing
    Tonal and atonal release noises
    Staccato notes
    Portamento slides w/ speed controls
    Advanced scripting with 40+ options
    Fretboard monitor
    Built-in signal chain FX (toggle)
    Per-note / per-articulation RR

     (Size : 2.8 GB)

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