• Replika Sound Chorus Guitar KONTAKT

    Replika Sound Chorus Guitar KONTAKT

    Replika Sound has released RSG05 Chorus Guitar, a new guitar virtual instrument sample library for Kontakt.

    The instrument was made by combining two steel string guitars. It is designed to provide a resonant wide stereo sound or a shimmering mono tone. No synthetic Chorus or Stereo-Width Effects are used; it is all naturally achieved. It comes in both Picked and Finger-played versions.

    8230 Samples.
    True Random-Robin note selection (in 5s for the most used articulations).
    11 key-switched articulations.
    A “Chord Mode” with Strum Speed and Direction controls.
    One key triggered chords.
    Stereo Width Control.
    A “Tremelo Picking Mode” with Speed control.
    A Vibrato Key to provide a quick way of playing in vibrato on any articulation.
    Two Display Windows on the GUI – giving the name and constituent notes of each chord selected.
    Brightness Filters and Dynamic Envelopes which automatically respond to the velocity of each note played.
    A Page of Effects Units (EQ, Compression, Delay, Convolution Reverb).
    Includes a “Lite” RAM Saving version of each instrument (Random-Robin in 3s).

    The one key triggered Chord Library includes:
    30 Bar Chord shapes.
    26 Common Open Chords.
    Power Chords for each note.

    Key Switched Articulations:
    Legato (Non Vibrato).
    Hammer On.
    Pull Off.
    Slide Up into Note.
    Slide Down after Note.
    Fret Noises.
    Natural Harmonics.
    Sul Ponticello (Plucked near the bridge).
    SFX / Percussive Hits.

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